New Recording

Hello everybody I hope that this post finds you all well, I just recorded my new CD on Woodneck Records August 8th &9th at Avatar Studios in Manhattan, The Record is titled  "COMBINATIONS" it's a long time coming and I'm very proud of this project. It is in the mixing stages now and soon to be mastered and released in January 2017. I really loaded this one up with my favorite Jazz masters as special guests. On Alto Sax: Gary Bartz, Sherman Irby, Steve Slagle;  on Trumpets: Jeremy Pelt, Duane Eubanks.  On Piano: Kenny Barron and Rick Germanson (also on fender Rhodes); on Guitar: Russell Malone; on drums: Willie Jones III and Will Calhoun. I wrote most of the music and also added some standards i think that there is a blend of listening for everybody ear. We really had a great time recording this record, there was a lot of positive energy and love in the studio those two days it was a great learning experience watching the masters Kenny Barron and Gary Bartz just walk in and play the hell out of the music put before them with such grace and skill in such a relaxed way as did everyone else. Big Thanks to Richard Simpson Excutive Producer for making this project a dream come true, Willie Jones III (W J III Records) for co producing and having my back thru out this project,  Katherine Miller our recording engineer for capturing the true sound of my bass and mixing, Hollis King for the wonderful photos and videos that he shot during and after the recording and designing a great CD cover, and last but not least Minnie Mengoni-Cannon my wife for organizing pretty much everything there is no way this record date could have gone so smoothly without her. So stay tuned i will keep y'all posted when "Combinations" Will be available

God Bless U all



Gerald Cannon Music and Art Page is Launched

We all know in this day in age, Branding is essential. Gerald Cannon has been simmering with the music he's always used as an expression of his soul and now he reveals his passion and unwavering talent with a different medium: ART. It's no secret to some but may come as  a surprise to many, that Gerald is a gifted painter. As he moves in to the next chapter of his life, Gerald will be presenting his music and art, together for the first time! Stay tuned for a showcase near you!